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Caribbean Holiday Guides

The Caribbean is often seen as the go-to destination for family, friends, singles, and couples holidays – a genuine ‘one place for everyone’ experience of a lifetime.

When planning your next (or first) luxury break in the Caribbean Islands, getting every ounce of adventure, relaxation, and experience can seem like a challenge to take on, but at Elite Island Resorts UK we can help!

Caribbean Travel Guides

Palm Island caribbean beach

From watersports to beach guides we have everything you need to know so that the only thing to think about is how much fun you can have while you’re away.

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Guide to Watersports in the Caribbean

If you are looking for activity fueled fun in the water, the Caribbean is, without doubt, one of the best places to take in stunning turquoise waters and all the fun-filled activities they offer.

From sea snorkeling to kitesurfing, at Elite Island Resorts UK, we offer the full host of complementary watersports and can arrange for others too, like; scuba diving, boating and fishing excursions, with our trusted activity partners.

See the full guide to Watersports in the Caribbean.

Caribbean Beach Guide

The Caribbean is home to many of the best beaches in the world, with beautiful blue waters and bright white sand that stretches for miles, choosing the best beach destinations for your next getaway may be more difficult than you think.

Whether you’re looking at a break in Barbados, Antigua or any other island in the Caribbean, there will be an unforgettable beach experience that caters for all your needs.

See the full Caribbean beach guide here.