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Our Caribbean island destinations – your exclusive travel experiences

Our luxury Caribbean island resorts are located on four unique islands and are staffed by charming as well as approachable team members. Everyone from the witty bartender to the friendly scuba instructor will make you feel at home – this is what Elite Island Resorts is all about – the exclusive Caribbean experience.

Caribbean beach resorts

Our breath-taking beach resorts are located on four unique holiday destination islands: Antigua, Barbados, St. Lucia and The Grenadines. These idyllic locations offer every modern amenity you could desire while still maintaining an authentic tropical travel spirit.

All our luxury resort accommodation is at coconut-tree height, providing a first-class view of the islands. As you would expect, privacy is paramount and amenities such as air conditioning and television are provided in every room.

Exclusive holiday resorts

Take a tour of our luxury holiday resorts below and decide which one you’d like to explore. Whatever you decide, we’re certain you’ll experience a Caribbean holiday like no other with Elite Island Resorts.