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Vicky Flip Flop Travels and Elite Island Holidays

Travel blogger Vicky from Vicky Flip Flop Travels travelled to Antigua and St Lucia to visit three of our top locations!

In a series of blog posts, Vicky shared her experiences from the time she spent at St James Club Resort and Pineapple Beach Club in Antigua and the St James Club Resort in St Lucia. She discusses everything from the food to the sun-soaked activities, sharing tips and places to see.

Finally Finding Zen at a Beach Club in Antigua

Elite Island UK - Grand Pineapple Caribbean Resort

“…So instead of jammin to Damian Marley at the reggae party, with the thousands of people who descend on Antigua for Sailing Week, we lazed by one of Pineapple Beach Club Antigua’s two pools, had our first, second and third Antigua rum cocktails and spruced ourselves up for an evening of feasting at the hotel’s Pineapple Grill a la carte restaurant before collapsing into bed, circa 9:30pm.”

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8 Beautiful Spots on the Pink Panther Safari Tour in Antigua

“The Pink Panther Safari Tour in Antigua is awesome, especially if you get a fun / crazy group, like I did. Basically, you get picked up in this beast and then bounce around the island checking out the top spots for a few hours. It’s a great way to explore Antigua without the pressure and responsibility of hiring a car, because there’s no need for that when you’re on your Caribbean holiday is there?

We booked from the Grand Pineapple Resort, where we were staying for four days. All we had to do was be at reception for 9am, ready and waiting with a bag of sun cream and a camera.”

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My Best Day at St James’s Club Resort, Antigua

“…They run a few day activities at St James’s Club Resort, the best of them though was the Float Fit class. The only place in the Caribbean to have the facilities, we were well up for the challenge at 9:30am. The goal, I think, was to have fun and stay on the board while doing a succession of balances and exercises.”

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13 Tips for Staying at St James’s Club Resort, Saint Lucia

st James Club Antigua - VIP Bedroom

“I feel attached to the St James’s Club Resort. It’s the longest I’ve stayed consecutively anywhere for months. We’ve had a great week together and I’d honestly recommend it to anyone looking for an all-inclusive holiday somewhere friendly and beautiful.

During the week I’ve picked up a few tips that might help to enjoy your St James’s Club Resort more than the average holidaymaker… keep them on the down-low though, this is between me and you.”

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The Saint Lucia Hotel You Have to See: St James’s Club

“…I loved the place. During my week at the Saint Lucia hotel I ate at all six restaurants, tried all the watersports, did some Pilates and Tai Chi, went to a mixology class and became a pro water skier.”

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