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Caribbean food: Ten mouth-watering dishes

When it comes to Caribbean cuisine, your tastebuds are truly in for a treat. With its vibrant flavours, exciting cultural fusions and mouth-watering ingredients, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to the Caribbean’s sunshine-packed recipes.  

Buckle up as we take you on a colourful culinary journey through the top ten must-try dishes of the beautiful Caribbean islands.

Jerk kebabs

One of the most famous Caribbean cuisines is jerk, a signature flavour of Jamaica and one that is hugely popular across the islands.

Jerk is a highly spiced rub used to marinate chicken or other meat. Jerk spice is either dry or wet and, once absorbed, the meat is smoked or grilled to retain the mouth-watering flavours. Often served on kebab skewers or with accompaniments like sweet potato or dumplings, this is a flavour not to be missed.

You’ve not sampled the authentic taste of the Caribbean until you tuck into some tastebud-tingling jerk rub.


Vegetarian Caribbean food doesn’t get better than the vibrant flavours of the popular traditional dish, Callaloo.

This thick stew is made with a variety of leafy greens, water spinach and taro, a tropical plant, which are boiled with other vegetables. Peppers, coconut milk and okra are often added too. At times, seafood and other meat are added, making this delicious dish highly versatile and a must-try for all.

Coucou and flying fish

Barbados, world-famous for its flying fish, boasts this delicious national dish. Coucou and flying fish is a must-try when you are indulging in all this paradise island has to offer.

Local seafood is used to make this dish. It’s prepared by steaming the fish, which is then cooked in a mixture of lime juice, onions, spices and vegetables. This is served either on a bed of cornmeal or fried and served with a delicious spicy sauce. 

Creole bread

While not a dish in itself, no visit to St Lucia would be complete without sampling the delicious delights of Creole bread.

These soft-crust loaves are baked in many family-run bakeries across the island and are shaped like miniature baguettes. Cooked in a wood-fired oven, these delicious treats retain a subtle smoky flavour.

A perfect accompaniment to soups, stews and curries, or enjoyed on their own, a sample of St Lucian Creole bread should be top of your ‘must try’ list during your holiday.

Goat stew

Goat stew is a highly popular traditional Caribbean food across the islands and comes in several variations depending on where you visit. Goat meat is simmered with cloves in this popular dish, which is referred to as goat water across some islands.


The aroma of a simmering pepperpot is sure to get you salivating. Emitting delicious aromas in large pots across the Caribbean islands, it’s made with a host of ingredients which can include squash, okra, aubergine and potatoes.

Beef is used most commonly in a pepperpot dish and cornmeal dumplings (fungi) are added for extra texture.  

Roast pork

Enjoyed across the islands, roast pork is often served with plantain and rice and beans. If this delicious combination wasn’t tempting enough, the juicy pork drippings are added to the recipe to add extra flavour and richness.

Goat curry

This traditional Jamaican dish is enough to make you want to return to the island year after year. Slow-cooked in strong spices, the goat meat becomes melt-in-the-mouth tender and boasts delicious aromas.

The combination of onions, ginger, chillies, lemon juice and tomatoes will have you craving this curried comfort food all year round.


This mouth-watering and tasty tropical fruit is highly versatile and appears in numerous Caribbean dishes. It will often feature as a refreshing breakfast dish, teamed with a squeeze of tangy lime to start your day with a delicious tropical hit. Papaya is often added to stews and salads to bring extra freshness and flavour.


Conch refers to the many different varieties of sea snails found across the Caribbean. The tender, delicious meat is used to make mouth-watering fritters, a popular staple in the Bahamas and across other islands.

Conch is also added to hearty broths and stews, soups and salads.

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