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The Caribbean – the perfect place for young family holidays

Spring has well and truly sprung, with the winter chill finally stepping aside for warmer sunshine and the anticipation of the impending sunnier months.

With the nation embracing the warmer weather, no doubt your sights are set on holiday planning and getting those all-important holiday dates in the diary, particularly if you have a young family.

Planning a holiday with a young family comes with many considerations so to help, we have compiled some of our Caribbean highlights for young families together with questions answered to help with your holiday planning.

Give the little people in your lives a memorable holiday in paradise and enjoy the precious family time they’ll be set to remember for years to come.

What is the best holiday destination with young families?
From the type of adventures you enjoy to having space to explore and plenty of activities to keep them entertained from dawn until dusk, your choice of holiday destination when you have a young family is crucial. Time away together is precious, and you want to guarantee your holiday is spent in the perfect place doing the things you love as a family.

One destination guaranteed to offer an idyllic setting, island adventures and playtimes in paradise is the exotic Caribbean.

How do I plan a holiday for a young family?
When planning holidays for young families, there are a host of considerations to tick off the list. This ensures a perfect getaway is instore for the entire family and you can focus on the important things; making memories and enjoying some valuable family time.

Key considerations include:

Whether you have toddlers or older children, each element needs to be carefully considered to ensure you each get the family holiday you want and deserve.

Where in the Caribbean is best for a family holiday?

The superb thing about the Caribbean is that each island boasts breathtaking scenery combined with soaring temperatures all-year-round, which makes it the perfect destination for a family holiday.

Forget the family pack of cagouls, with the Caribbean you are well and truly spoilt for sunshine 365 days a year. Each island offers its own unique experience, the only problem you’ll have is choosing which island your family should visit!

Tropical adventures

Antigua is not only an idyllic destination for adrenaline-hungry adults but is a playground paradise for young people, too.

There are a host of picture-perfect places to visit on this island, each of which offers exciting destinations for child’s play and tropical adventures.

From shallow snorkelling for your keen young explorers, non-motorised water sports to meandering around Nelson’s dockyard, Antigua is a postcard-perfect playground if you’re looking for holidays with young families.

Your young ones (minimum age 12+ during the summer, and adults only during winter months) can enjoy an authentic and untouched Caribbean experience in The Grenadines. Embrace the pristine clear water and white beaches, enjoy snorkelling and land sports in this piece of tropical heaven.

Find out more about the Caribbean islands.

All-inclusive options

The beauty of all-inclusive holidays in the Caribbean is the sheer choice. Rest assured that the tiny mouths in your family will be well fed all day long with a host of mouth-watering cuisine and snacks, whilst keeping your wallet free of unwanted costly extras.

The whole family can kick back, relax and enjoy beverages throughout the day. From juice to water or milk, young families are completely considered and catered for, giving you a guaranteed piece of mind and freedom to fully enjoy your break.

Children’s activities

Whilst ensuring your children are spoilt for choice on holiday is crucial, it’s also important that the adults get some well-deserved time to kick back and relax in paradise themselves – this is where kids’ clubs and all-inclusive children’s activities come into play.

Luxury holidays with toddlers are possible thanks to the array of children’s activities on offer in the Caribbean. What is included will vary between the destination and resort you select, but a high-quality resort with carefully-considered services could include:

All-inclusive holidays with toddlers and older children alike are made far simpler by taking advantage of the array of kids’ club and activity options available.

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